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Shencorp Inc specializes in all of your commercial roofing and roof coating needs in Winchester, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Richmond VA. A lot of people don’t understand just how intricate roofing is. Roofing is made up of multiple parts to provide your home structure and protect you from the elements. Here is a guide to roofing construction and what to look out to keep your roof functional.

1. Weathering

Your roof is single-handedly one of the most important parts of your home’s overall structure and it goes through the most. From those hot Summer months to some harsh Winters your roof takes the brunt of harsh weather conditions and it’s important to stay on top of it all year long. Make sure you make some time to go up and check up on it every once a while since it’s responsible for most of your roof’s overall damage.

2. Expiring Shingles

Shingles are an integral part of your roof in making sure that it can withstand the amount of weathering your roof goes through every year. In general, shingles need to be replaced every 10 years. If your shingles haven’t been changed in awhile, make sure you take a look and upgrade your shingles.

3. Poor Installation

Roofing is a very intricate process and poor installation can make all the difference in making sure that your roof stays together. Double checking is never going to hurt and if you stay on top of roof inspections then you should be okay.

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