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Since 1977, Shencorp Inc. has specialized in commercial roofing and commercial protective roof coating services throughout Winchester, VA, Charlottesville, VA, Waynesboro, VA, Richmond, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, and other parts of the Mid-Atlantic region. In that time, we have become the leading choice for industrial and commercial roofing services like commercial protective roof coatings for customers throughout Virginia.
When it comes to your commercial buildings, your roof gets impacted more than most other parts of the building. Roofing works to protect your office’s exterior and interior from the elements. And, in doing so, it get exposed to severe weather at times. So, how can you prepare your commercial roofing for severe weather so that it gets the least damage and impact possible?
One key step to protecting your roof from severe weather is regular maintenance. When you have a roof installed by Shencorp, you are getting a continuing relationship, even after your roof is finished. We are happy to inspect and repair your roof as often as you need. If a roof is being taken care of on a regular basis, it is less likely to be damaged during severe weather.
If you have advance notice that severe weather is headed your way, such as a snow storm or a hurricane, we suggest that you contact Shencorp immediately to have them come out to inspect your roofing and make any necessary repairs before the storm hits. It’s also essential to clear any debris such as trash or leaves and sticks from your roof before any severe weather strikes.
We also suggest that you invest in a protective roof coating to prevent any future damage as well as to better equip your roof for exposure to the elements.
For all of your commercial roofing needs across the Mid-Atlantic, including Richmond, VA, give us a call at Shencorp Total Roofing Services.