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Shencorp commercial roofing in Winchester, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Richmond VA believes that a greener world is a better world. Asphalt shingles are a very common shingle used on all roofs. If you are replacing your asphalt shingles with newer ones, you should consider recycling them. Here are 3 important reasons you should recycle your asphalt roofing shingles.

1. Reduce Waste

Asphalt Shingles are incredibly popular substances on American commercial roofs. Throwing away all those shingles on your commercial roofing creates an incredibly large amount of waste. Instead of sending more stuff to sit in a dump for years and year, consider asking your contractor about recycling options you can use.

2. The Shingles Can Be Repurposed

Asphalt is a common substance used on commercial roofs, roads, etc. Having your shingles repurposed into something new. Having the asphalt repurposed also means that what ever they’re made into is exponentially stronger than when it was a brand new baby shingle.

3. You Just Might Save Money!

Your contractor may not have to pay as large as a landfill fee by just dumping the asphalt shingles. If you opt for recycling your asphalt shingles, then your contractor is going to save a ton of money. These savings that they make are only going to be passed on to you. Ask your contractor about this option to see what both you and they could save.

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