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Shencorp Inc specializes in all of your commercial roofing and roof coating needs in Winchester, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Richmond, VA. Shencorp has picked up a lot of roofing tips over the years and we want to help make roof maintenance easier. There’s a lot that goes into roof maintenance so we’ve come up with a timeline to help you wrap your head around what you should be doing for your roof at a certain point in time. Here is our seasonal roof maintenance checklist.

1. Spring: Get Commercial Protective Roof Coating

Spring is the perfect time to get commercial protective roof coating because it’s not to hot or cold and makes it easier for contractors to get in and out fast. While you can get it all year long in theory, Spring is the best time to help protect your roof through both the heat and thunderstorms that come with Summer. The protective roof coating will also shield your roof from the harsh conditions in Fall and Winter.

2. Fall: Clean Those Gutters

Gutters are extremely important to help the water run off your roof effectively. Your gutters will get clogged from the falling leaves in Fall, so make sure that you clean out those gutters regularly. This will protect your roof and prevent damage to your overall home.

3. Winter: Clean Your Chimney

If you have a fireplace that you use, it’s important to clean out your chimney to lower the risk of fire hazards. It’s also important to physically clean around the chimney at the top of the roof. Debris from Spring, Summer, and Fall build up around the corners of your chimney, and if it’s not removed it could wear down your shingles and cause leaks.

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