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Shencorp Commercial Roofing in Winchester, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Richmond, VA cares about making sure you know all the facts when it comes to your home’s safety. Any damage or wear and tear that starts at your roof can become a huge problem later for the rest of your home. Here are 3 common roofing problems that you should know how to spot.

1. Clogged Gutters

You should always be staying on top of your gutters. They go through a lot to protect your roof and when they’re clogged it can be a huge issue. All the debris that your gutters collect is a fire hazard and can also prevent water from flowing property. All of these things can severely impact the life of your roof. Make sure that you regularly keep an eye to make sure everything is flowing smoothly.

2. Fascia Rotting

The fascia is the part of the roof that covers the eaves of your home. This is where the rain gutters are placed under. The fascia is just as exposed to the elements and moisture as your gutter is, but the problem is it’s the actual part of your roof. Rotting Fascia can quickly spread and compromise the rest of your home. Make sure you get it repaired ASAP when you spot it.

3. Rotting Shingles

Shingles get the brunt of all the elements to your home. The whole reason shingles are on top of your roof is to protect the rest of your home. If the shingle is rotting and compromised, then that means your entire home is compromised. Make sure you take a look every now and then of how your shingles are doing. Also, keep in mind the last time you had them installed. If the shingle has matched its warranty, then it’s time to replace.

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