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Shencorp Inc’s commercial roofing service in Virginia such as Winchester, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Richmond VA is the best in the area. We know it can be hard to decide on the right roof contractor for your home, so we’ve made a quick guide. Before you hire your commercial roofing contractor, here are 10 questions you should ask them!

1. How Long Has Your Commercial Roofing Service Business Been Operated?

Your commercial roofing service should be extremely experienced in his or her trade. A company that is better established will have more knowledge and access to a reliable crew, suppliers, and subcontractors. Your home’s roof is important, make sure that it’s treated with care.

2. Guaranteed Work?

Any credible commercial company you hire for should be able to guarantee that their craftsmanship will hold up. Make sure that there is a contract where they guarantee their work and provide a written warranty agreement.

3. What’s It Going to Cost?

Make sure that your contractor has a legitimate and well thought out idea of the materials they will need for your home. Have them “itemize a bid” that will have a cost breakdown on what’s needed as well as a plan for the different phases of each project.

4. Who Else is Involved?

One of your contractor’s duties is to organize teams to work on your home, and you are entitled to know who they are. There will be a lot of people coming and going on this project, and it’s okay to want to know whose hands you’ll be trusting with your home’s roofing.

5. Do You Have The Credentials?

Some builders will try to sell their services without having the proper certifications. Credible contractors should be able to provide all the documentation that you will need them.

6. Do You Have Appropriate Permits?

Ask the contractor to obtain all the important permits that you will need to safely and legally build your home. Sometimes contractors will skip this process because it could “slow” the project down, but make sure that your custom home builder plays by the book.

7. Communication?

It is important to communicate to your contractor on how they should reach out to you as well as how often you would like updates. You should both come to an agreement on which method of communication is the best for the both of you before you begin this process. Communication is key when it comes to anything involving your home.

8. What Are Your Thoughts?

Your contractor is the expert. Sometimes a contractor will avoid bringing up potential bad news as to not discourage a client’s business. If you open the door for the contractor to be honest about any elements your home, then you will not run into unforeseen problems later. Your contractor should want what’s best for you, and their advice will only help your home building experience better.

9. What Can I Expect When You’re Finished

After your commercial roofing service is completed, you should expect a type of documentation at the end. Before you start the project, it’s best to know what the contractor expects from you at the end of the process. You should also be provided with contact information just in case you have any concerns.

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