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Since 1977, ShenCorp Inc. has specialized in commercial roofing and commercial protective roof coating services. We service areas in Virginia throughout Winchester, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Richmond, and other areas in the mid-Atlantic region. We have become the leading choice for industrial and commercial roofing services throughout Virginia.

At ShenCorp, we know how difficult it can be to make decisions about roofing. Green roofs have become popular lately, but there are many alternatives to green roofing that still have benefits. Green roofs do not have to be high off the ground to be beneficial, so consider installing a ground level green roof. This type of roofing system can be installed at ground level in a courtyard or as part of a terrace. This type of system will not look like a traditional green roof, but it will look continuous with the existing landscape.

Brown roofs, or biodiverse green roofs, are another roofing system that is beneficial to install. These are a type of vegetated roof system that’s designed to provide diverse habitats for plants, animals, and insects that formerly lived on disused industrial or commercial land. They are installed the same way as green roofs, but made from recycled building materials, soil, and spoil from the site. Usually, brown roofs are left to be colonized naturally by native species.

Cool roofs are another alternative green roofing system. These can be used on historic buildings with flat roofs, as well as on some roofs with steep slopes. Cool roofs have material that are highly reflective to heat, and they’re measured by their solar reflectance and thermal emittance. Cool roofs have some of the same benefits as green roofs: they reduce temperatures inside the building, increase the comfort inside, decrease cooling costs, lower energy bills, etc. But all climates are not perfect for cool roofs. They are most effective in areas that have hot summer months that require mechanical air conditioning to be used. In colder climates, cool roofs may not be as effective.

It is also possible to combine some of the aforementioned roofing systems. For example, combining a green roof and solar panels may benefit both installations. Lower roof temperatures that result from a green roof may help to boost the efficiency of solar panels. Solar panels can sometimes protect vegetation by sheltering it from the weather. Cool roofs and green roofs are easy to combine.

At ShenCorp, we can help with all your roofing needs, including installation, re-roofing, repair, preventative maintenance, coatings, and single ply roofing. When you choose ShenCorp, you’re investing in the best industrial and commercial roofing contractor in the mid-Atlantic region. Contact us today!