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Got water damage? We can help! Since 1977, Shencorp Inc. has specialized in commercial roofing and commercial protective roof coatings. We service areas throughout Winchester, Charlottesville, Waynesboro, Richmond, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and other parts of the mid-Atlantic region. We’ve become the leading choice for industrial and commercial roofing services throughout Virginia.

Your roof is essential for protecting you and your building from the elements. In the winter, your roof keeps warmth inside by keeping ice and snow out of your home or building. During the summer months, your roof helps to keep cool air inside while keeping rain and sunshine out. It’s so important to maintain your roof and take care of it over the years. Even if you spend more upfront to coat your roof, this will save you money and time in the long run, because it’ll increase the life of your roof.

At Shencorp, we specialize in preventative maintenance of commercial roofs. This helps to prevent damage on your roof; holes and leaks can be detrimental for your roof. Holes and leaks can affect your entire building – not just your attic or top floor. The interior of your building may also need repair if your roof gets water damage.

If water enters your building through the roof, two factors affect the amount of damage you receive: how much water comes in and how long it stays in your building. If water gets in your building and sits for too long, you can get mold and other moisture issues, which may end up traveling throughout your building. Anything from your HVAC system to your carpet to your storage may have to be cleaned or replaced altogether if this happens.

If you have water damage, the first step to take is to always attempt to stop the leak. Then, remove all excess water. This can be a challenge, but you might need to pull up flooring and bring in fans to dry the remaining water. Once the water is gone, you can then assess and repair any other damage.

Before it’s too late, think about calling a professional to apply protective coatings to your roof! At Shencorp Total Roofing Services, we can help with all your commercial roofing needs. Call us today!