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Green roofs are becoming more popular, especially in larger cities. What are the benefits of green roofing? Are there any disadvantages to installing a green roof? At Shencorp, we can help you understand different types of roofing. Shencorp Inc. is dedicated to providing regional, industrial, and commercial roofing for the Mid-Atlantic region, including Harrisonburg, Virginia. From new installation to repair, commercial protective roof coatings to S.M.A.R.T. roofing, we get the job done.

What is a green roof? A green roof refers to a layer of vegetation placed on top of a waterproofing system on a flat roof. If you’ve heard of green roofs, you may have also heard them called vegetative or eco-roofs. The depth of these types of roofs depends on the roof structure and its slant, types of plants chosen, and annual rainfall and climate in that location. There are three types of green roofs: extensive, intensive, and semi-intensive.

An extensive green roof has a shallow growing medium (less than about six inches) with limited plant diversity, very little requirements of watering, and limited accessibility and use. Intensive green roofs have a deeper growing medium (around several feet) and therefore have more soil to support more diverse plants. This is why intensive green roofs need more maintenance and watering, so they’re usually more accessible than an extensive green roof. Semi-intensive green roofs fall somewhere in between.

There are several advantages and disadvantages of extensive green roofs. They are lightweight, effective for large areas, and require very low maintenance. Typically, there’s no need for irrigation or drainage systems for this type of green roof. Plants are left to develop on their own, so the roofing looks more natural. Extensive green roofs are typically relatively inexpensive as well. On the other hand, there’s a more limited choice of plants to choose from if installing an extensive green roof, and typically there can be no other uses of that type of green roof.

Similarly, intensive green roofs also have several pros and cons. There’s a better diversity of plants for this type of green roof, which may make the roofing more attractive. Intensive green roofs are visually accessible and can be used many other ways, such as recreational uses, growing food, and having more open space in general. However, intensive green roofs are heavier, and they need irrigation and drainage systems. Thus, there’s a greater need for energy, water, and materials, making intensive green roofs more expensive.

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