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If you think you might need to get your roof inspected, but you’re wondering if the inspection will fit in your budget, you’ve come to the right place. Check out some of these frequently asked questions and helpful tips from

Can You Inspect a Roof Yourself?

A healthy roof is one of the secrets to battling leaks, mold, ventilation issues, and even high energy bills. Whether you’re in escrow for a new home, recently weathered a rough storm, or simply want to confirm your roof is ready for the winter ahead, hiring a professional roof expert is the way to go. The national average cost of a roof inspection is $210, but some roofing contractors will offer very basic inspections for free before performing work.

Roof Inspection Costs by the Extent of the Inspection

The National Roof Certification and Inspection Association recommends calling your roof inspector in four common situations:

  • You’re about to close on a home
  • You’re about to enter the wet season
  • You suspect damage to your roof
  • Right after a major rain or wind storm

Overall, this means you should have a certified and trained inspector taking a look at your roof at least once a year for potential problems. Many insurance companies also recommend this, if not more often. Roof inspectors should also step in when you submit a claim to your insurance company.

No matter the reason, today’s top inspectors will likely offer three options for your visit.

Physical Roof Inspection Cost

Relatively flat and easily accessible roofs will receive a traditional physical inspection. These will cost between $75 and $200 on average. Check with your insurance to see if it covers the cost of this inspection. During the visit, the inspector will inspect the roof, interior, and related structural elements for signs of:

  • Structural decay
  • Water damage
  • Moss, mold, or algae
  • Worn building materials
  • Interior leaks
  • Pests
  • Holes or storm damage

“These basic inspections usually consist of checking your roof for any holes or areas of visible damage,” says Eric Gonzalez, Angi Expert Review Board member and president of Regions Commercial Roofing, with locations in five states. “Other things contractors check for are hail damage, wind damage, or if a manufacturer’s defect exists.”

For your own safety, you should never attempt to perform a roof inspection yourself, especially if you are unsure of the stability of your roof. Additionally, many banks and insurance companies will not accept a self-inspection to move forward on a project.

However—and this is a big however—you can and should perform simple inspections of your roof from the ground. Look for loose shingles, stray branches, or damaged eaves, particularly after a storm.

You can also perform a thorough search for issues inside your home on a regular basis, particularly in the attic and where the eaves meet the edges of your walls.

Roof Inspection Cost Breakdown

Roof inspector bills are typically quite straightforward. Most professionals charge a flat fee discussed beforehand. Afterward, you should receive a basic report included in the cost of the inspection. Certifications—which we’ll touch on more below—will cost a bit more.

Expect your cost breakdown to include:

  • the fee for the inspection
  • fees for additional experts such as the drone operator
  • certification letter fees