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Summer heat can be absolutely atrocious, especially down South in Virginia. How can you keep your home cooler? Is it possible to keep your roof cool? We’ve got answers.

1. Grow a roof garden
One of the best ways to keep the roof cool is by growing your own rooftop garden with green grass and potted plants. The green roof shades the building from direct sunlight while the mud within the potted plants and the lawn absorbs most of the heat that hits the roof.

Before going for a roof garden, make sure that the roof is properly waterproofed so as to prevent any type of water seepage through the external walls or roof slab, which may cause damage to the building.

2. Paint the terrace white
Heat gain can be considerably reduced by turning the roof into a reflective roof surface. How?

  • Paint the concrete floor with cool roof paints. These paints provide good thermal insulation by reflecting the sun’s rays and keeping the indoors cool.
  • For a more permanent solution one can install white ceramic or porcelain tiles on the roof.

3. Add shade
The roof slabs are made of concrete, which is a very dense material – it retains heat for a very long time and then transfers it to the indoors. The temperatures can be controlled by creating shade on the rooftop because shaded areas are cooler than the surroundings.

  • Go for high walls or trellises along the perimeter of the roof; this is an interesting way to shade the roof.
  • Introduce design features, such as pergolas with creepers, to create shade.

4. Go for heat-resistant flooring

  • Go for flooring materials such as wooden deck tiles or terracotta tiles that do not absorb or transfer as much heat to the lower floors and are comfortable to walk on even during the peak summers.

5. Install solar panels
Alternatively, one can cover the roof with solar panels. The solar panels comprise photovoltaic cells, and block the heat from hitting the roof, as in his example. Instead, these panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity.

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