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How can you tell if your roof needs to be repaired, or even if you need a new roof? One red flag is if your roof is sagging, which is when the ridge of your roof starts to look like a saddle. The cause of a sagging roof is simple: there is not enough structural support for the load.

So what type of load or weight causes a roof to sag? This could be snow and ice, wind, or sheathing and roofing materials (such as too many layers of shingles). Some structural problems of your roof can be caused by improper design or construction, environmental factors, damage to the roof’s structural elements, or failures of other supporting systems (like walls or your house’s foundation).

A ridge that droops in the middle of your roof is likely caused by undersized rafters or missing or inadequate internal bracing. If a roof dips in between rafters or trusses, it might be because the sheathing is too thin for the span. You can have the old sheathing replaced with better material when you replace your roof altogether.

So how do you fix your sagging roof? If your roof frame is a traditional rafter-style, you might bolster your framing internally. But if the roofing material needs to be replaced anyway, it might be a good idea to tear off the old sheathing and install larger rafters while your frame is exposed. With truss-frame roofs, sheathing problems can be remedied, but widespread sagging related to the framing is a serious matter which should be taken up with the builder of the home. For problems with any type of roof, put your trust in structural engineers and experienced builders.

If your business is located in the trans-Atlantic area in Virginia, give Shencorp a call today to get started. We can fix your sagging roof, and you can trust that we’ll get the job done. Let us help you help yourself!