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In our last blog post, we discussed gable roofs, hip roofs, and jerkinhead roofs. Today, we want to give you some more information about the most common types of roof. Our next three featured roof types are gambrel roofs, bonnet roofs, and skillion roofs!

Gambrel Roof (aka Barn Roof)

Gambrel roofs are most commonly seen on barns, but can also be found on large Cape Cod style homes and country farm houses. 

What is it: A gable roof but with four sides (compared to two)

Materials: Can be done with most roofing materials, but asphalt shingles are most common

Maintenance: Needs routine maintenance to ensure waterproofing at the ridges still works


  • Provides ample attic space
  • Easy and affordable to build
  • Eye-catching design


  • Not ideal for heavy wind, rain, or snow

Bonnet Roof

If you’re looking to maximize your attic and outdoor hang out space, a bonnet roof may be a great option for you. 

What is it: A roof type that slants on all four sides, extending well past the walls of the building

Materials: Metal is preferred, but can also be done with shingles

Maintenance: Needs regular inspections to ensure waterproofing remains intact at the intersection of the two slopes


  • Holds up well in heavy wind, rain, or snow
  • Provides shade
  • Great for over a porch or balcony


  • Complicated to build
  • Not very common
  • Careful waterproofing is very important, but can be an added cost

Skillion Roof (aka Shed Roof or Lean-to Roof)

Despite its alternative moniker, this roof style isn’t just for sheds. It’s also a great design choice for modern homes and barns. 

What is it: A roof design with only a singular flat slope

Materials: Can be done with most roofing materials, but asphalt shingles and metal are most common

Maintenance: Drainage is all on one side so requires frequent gutter cleanings on top of regular inspections


  • Great for modern and contemporary styles
  • Space to install solar panels
  • Relatively affordable
  • Holds up well in heavy rain and snow


  • Does not leave room for attic space
  • Not ideal for heavy wind

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